MD5 File and Folder Comparator Lite

  • Programmname: MD5 File and Folder Comparator Lite
    Version: 3.55
    Autor: Peter Meyer
    Sprache: deutsch
    Lizenz: Shareware
    Kosten: 9.25 GBP
    Größe: 1455 kByte
    Downloads: 1 Downloads
    Beschreibung: MD5 File and Folder Comparator Lite vergleicht Dateien oder alle Dateien in zwei Unterordnern und ueberprueft, ob ihre Inhalte identisch sind oder nicht (optional koennen Dateien in Unterordnern ebenfalls ueberprueft werden). Vergleich von Dateien kann gemacht werden, um die Dateien anzuzeigen, die gleich sind oder die Dateien, die verschieden sind.
    Betriebssysteme: Win2000,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Win98,WinVista,WinVista x64,WinXP
    MD5,Datei, Ordner, Vergleichsoperator, digitale, Signatur,Unterordner, Vergleichen, Sicherung, Nachricht, digest, algorithm, identisch
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    The Modified File Backup software ("the Software") consists of the executable file and the other files installed by the installation program mfb_setup.exe obtainable from the Hermetic Systems website.

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    (B) If you are an entity other than a natural person (e.g., a corporation) then you must purchase either (a) one or more single-user licenses for each installation, activation and use of the Software (discounts are available) or (b) a site license, which allows multiple installations, activations and uses, and which is expressed in terms of the number of activation keys which may be obtained. (Contact Hermetic Systems for further details.)

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    In the event that a later version of the software is released, you may update an installation at no charge by downloading and installing the new version.

    If you change your computer (or make a major hardware modification) you may need to obtain a new activation key. This can be obtained at no charge via a web page (there is a link in the trial or demo version of the software), provided that, in the opinion of Hermetic Systems, the number and frequency of such new activation keys is not unreasonably excessive.

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    This software performs file deletion under user control. Hermetic Systems, its resellers and distributors of the Software, will not be responsible for damages of any kind arising from loss of data resulting from unintended deletion of files.

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