SPAMfighter Mail Gateway

  • Programmname: SPAMfighter Mail Gateway
    Autor: Henrik Sorensen
    Sprache: deutsch
    Lizenz: Shareware
    Größe: 10953 kByte
    Downloads: 3 Downloads
    Systemvoraussetzungen: Windows PC or Windows server
    Beschreibung: SMG integriert sich vollständig in Ihren Exchange-Server, so dass die Installation kinderleicht vonstatten geht. SMG verwendet keine Client-Software, was die Arbeit des Administrators als auch der Endanwender erheblich erleichtert. Andere zentrale Spamfilter erfordern meist laufende Wartung und Aktualisierung der Filterregeln durch den Administrator. Da SMG keine Wortfilter oder andere Regeln verwendet, sondern rund um die Uhr von über 6.000.000 weltweiten Anwendern aktualisiert wird, ist nach der Installation keine weitere Anpassung mehr nötig. Durch die Integration in den Exchange Server wird eine schnelle und sichere Funktionsweise erreicht. Während E-Mails empfangen und vom Exchange Server an die Empfänger weitergeleitet werden, erstellt SMG eine verschlüsselte Signatur der E-Mails und überprüft sie mit Hilfe des SPAMfighter-Servers. Wenn der SPAMfighter-Server eine E-Mail als Spammail erkennt, verschiebt SMG sie automatisch in den Spam-Ordner des Anwenders.
    Betriebssysteme: WinXP,Win7 x32,Win2000,Windows2000,Windows2003,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x
    Microsoft, exchange, server, spam, antispam, Filter, mail, junk, spambuster, blocking, junkmail, spam filter, anti, spamkiller, download, downloads, blocker
    EULA des Anbieters SPAMfighter Mail Gateway License Agreement

    Any and all rights to SPAMfighter Mail Gateway belongs to SPAMfighter ApS.

    SPAMfighter Mail Gateway is completely free to use for a period of one month after the date of installation. Should you wish to continue using the program after this period, you are obliged to purchase a license. If you do not wish to purchase a license, you only need to uninstall the program and remove it from your computer.

    This also applies if you uninstall the program and subsequently reinstall the same or a later version.

    SPAMfighter gives to the user a non-exclusive, non-transferable and time-limited right to use SPAMfighter Mail Gateway. With the exception of making a backup copy, the user may not in any way copy or duplicate the software and may not in any way amend or alter it.

    This product may only be distributed via downloads from SPAMFIGHTER or from selected partners and may be tried free of charge for the trial period following registration. Such testing is at the risk of the user only and SPAMFIGHTER
    cannot in any way or form be held liable for causing any damage to your email program or other software, hardware or for loss of email, loss of profits, misuse by any third party or for any time spent retrieving lost emails or similar.

    SPAMFIGHTER is only liable for intentional or grossly negligent matters. Notwithstanding the underlying reason for damages, the maximum liability for damages of SPAMFIGHTER towards the user cannot exceed an amount corresponding to the overall payment of fees by the user for one year.

    In short: The user is obliged to indemnify SPAMFIGHTER for any claim for damages directed at SPAMFIGHTER owing to actions on the part of the user and the use of SPAMfighter Mail Gateway.

    SPAMFIGHTER endeavors that the SPAMFIGHTER net servers are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. However, SPAMFIGHTER does not guarantee such availability. SPAMFIGHTER shall be entitled to terminate its services
    whenever this is necessitated by maintenance or other technical matters. SPAMfighter Mail Gateway is made available to the user as is.

    Unpredictable failures, delayed or outstanding deliveries on the part of the SPAMFIGHTER suppliers, shortage of labor, resources or strikes, lockout, lack of transport facilities, restrictions imposed by the authorities and similar
    instances of Acts of God shall exempt SPAMFIGHTER from its obligations pertaining to the terms and conditions set out herein to the extent and for the period such obstacles may exist.

    In the period during which you try the program free of charge, SPAMFIGHTER will forward email messages to you containing updates and news.

    These messages cannot be blocked as spam messages and any attempt to do so will be ineffectual.

    This license term may be amended at any time and the user shall keep himself/herself informed of any updates and if necessary update the program to the latest version.
    SPAMFIGHTER only supports the latest version of the program and any lack of filtering of spam email messages when using old versions are not supported.

    Any information you give when registering for the download will not be sold or passed on to any third party.

    As SPAMFIGHTER bases parts of its technology on the review, analysis and exploitation of parts of the email messages reported by the user as spamming, SPAMFIGHTER cannot be blamed for this or for any encroachment upon the secrecy of
    the mails, invasion of privacy or similar. Any email reported to SPAMFIGHTER will subsequently be regarded as the property of SPAMFIGHTER.

    SPAMFIGHTER may terminate access to SPAMfighter Mail Gateway of the user where the user is in breach of the terms and conditions set out herein or of the SPAMFIGHTER safety rules or as a consequence of the any infringement by the user of third party rights or of rights of any other SPAMFIGHTER user. The same right also rests with SPAMFIGHTER where any claim is made against SPAMFIGHTER as a consequence of matters pertaining to the user.

    Any duplication of the code, abuse of the SPAMFIGHTER logo or rights can and will be prosecuted in accordance with Danish law.

    By downloading SPAMfighter Mail Gateway, you accept the terms and conditions set out above. If you do not agree to the license terms, please uninstall the program immediately and remove it from your computer.

    Should you choose to use SPAMfighter Mail Gateway, we wish you a happy spam free future.

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